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Join the Happit community and help your customers use their business solutions more effectively. By becoming a Happit partner you can expand your business opportunities, secure license renewal and build long-term customer relationships.


With Happit automate and scale user onboarding


Train your customers

Train new users, technologies and features. With Happit you can automate and scale user onboarding and training to ensure maximum utilization of the solutions.


Lower your support costs

Lower your support costs and empower users to learn by themselves. With Happit Single Click Learning solution users can get all the help and support they need – when they need it.


Build long-term customer relationships

Build long-term customer relationships and position yourself as a strategic advisor. With Happit analyzing tool you can measure the utilization of the solutions and identify user challenges and opportunities.

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Happit is especially designed for Microsoft technologies.  Check out the demo of Happit in action on Sharepoint.


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