Partner Story: Happit is the dealmaker in 50% of Cloudriven deals

Cloudriven is a system integrator offering customer specific solutions on top of Microsoft’s Office 365 and Dynamics 365 platforms. Cloudriven’s mission is to design and implement encouraging digital workplaces.

Finland is one of the countries where customers have adopted cloud based solutions quickly. The switch from on premise installations to cloud based solutions has changed customers’ focus in buying  software. Technical aspects are important but user adoption has become the core driver behind any deal. Customers believe that only software that is used will generate results. Based on our experience customers can affect the usage of any software by

  • leadership practices,
  • rewards and
  • training.

Cloudriven offers Happit for training end users to take full advantage out of the software they use and learning new ways of working. Trainings delivered via Happit are available in the software UI when and wherever a user needs help.

“Happit has been the dealmaker for 50 % of our new customers since the partnership was established based on the statistics. When interviewing customers they tell that Happit underlines Cloudriven’s capability to support in user adoption challenges.“ says Cloudriven’s Office 365 business director Antti Jokinen.

User adoption is the challenge # 1

Short time ago customers were struggling with maintenance fees caused by forgotten passwords after every summer vacation period. Nowadays people are still struggling with the usage of the software even though they can reset their passwords without external help and the costs are hidden.

“I do not know a sales person who would say that the best part of her job is to use CRM. And if I would know I would say as a customer that I would love to change the contact person. I hope that dealing with the customers is the best part of any sales person’s workday.” states Tuomas Kesti who is responsible for Cloudriven’s Dynamics 365 business.

Software skills are not on top of the priority list for most of the employees and thus they tend to forget things like “why and how to use software xyz” instructions. Consuming colleague help, waiting for a training or asking from helpdesk costs money and time. Happit offers an answer to most of the questions directly in the user interface and helps customer organizations to save from unnecessary costs. In addition to that it generates valuable data about the user adoption for partners.

Tips and tricks for partners

Cloudriven has ensured the best value from Happit partnership by following five simple rules of thumb. These are:

  • Happit’s partner success team is invited to participate in all major sales projects
  • Happit is included in all software implementation offers
  • Happit is deployed to all solutions for a short trial period
  • Happit data is reviewed after 1-2 weeks of usage – learnings to steering group agenda
  • Happit data is reviewed before every maintenance meeting


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