Partner story: Blue Meteorite uses Happit for faster ROI of Valo Intranet

Blue Meteorite, the company behind the award-winning Valo Intranet, partnered with Happit to ensure fast intranet deployment and support for end users. 

Blue Meteorite (Sininen Meteoriitti) has high expertise in designing and implementing modern digital workspaces. As a proof, the company’s ready-to-go intranet solution Valo has won the Best Intranet / Extranet award from the European SharePoint and Office 365 community for two years in a row now.

To ensure the best customer value Blue Meteorite believes that user training and support are important factors of successful intranet deployment and great workday experience. This is where Happit steps in. Blue Meteorite’s strategy is to use Happit Single Click Leaning  for Valo installations to scale their user training and ensure that the features of the new intranet can be introduced and learned immediately after the installation. In addition, Happit enables scalable support throughout the user journey.

“At Blue Meteorite we want get rid of time-consuming and expensive intranet projects and most of all, we always see that every employee is a part of the digital workplace. Happit cloud service gives us the opportunity to provide cost-effective and meaningful training and support for our Valo Intranet users. It helps us to ensure faster ROI for our customers and enhances digital ways of working.” says Lea Lähteenmäki, Sales Director of Blue Meteorite.

Faster customer ROI brings additional value for all. As resources are not tied up to training phase of the project, they can focus on new working methodologies and more advanced technical workloads. This means more opportunities for partners and ensures greater value of Office 365 service for the customer organization.


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