Frustration kills motivation

No worries, we're here to help – Enhance employee performance with Happit.

How Happit helps employees understand any software instantly?


Every now and then getting lost in new, updated or not-so-frequently used solutions ruin your day. You spend time wondering around without finding answers and consider it to be “normal”.

Happit is your “new normal”. It guides you step-by-step how to use any software with a less annoying workday experience.

With Happit there is

Simple example of how much every
WTF and frustrated moment eat resources


Usually there are 2 or 3 persons solving a simple work task related problem. This follows that time, effort and too much motivation are being lost. What if you could provide real help with that blue zone?

In LESS than 10 seconds?

You can make a difference with Happit

With Happit you can save a lot – time and money.
Most importantly – you can improve employee performance with a single click.

See below how.

How Happit works


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What our customers say

"With the help of Happit we had no difficulties introducing the new process to our employees. We are now planning to extend Happit to the whole intranet."

Jukka Moisanen CIO, Energy Authority, Finland

"Happit is fantastic! We do not only receive less support tickets but also have very happy end customers of our rather complex management system. "

René de Senarclen, Senior Project Manager, Social Department / City of Zurich